OverviewDear customers, shareholders, and partners who deeply care for and support ROADSTONE,

ROADSTONE, associated brand produced by NEXEN TIRE, has Yangsan plant in Korea and 500,000 square meter large Qingdao plant in China, one of the world's biggest Tire markets. And in March 2012, it has opened its third plant in Changnyeong, Korea. Changnyeong plant is also 500,000 square meter scale, eco friendly plant with cutting-edge and highly automated facilities producing high value products.

Moreover, ROADSTONE has global R&D networks including Korea, China, Germany and the United States where world renowned researchers and scholars work together to generate new ideas and technologies for customers all around the world.

ROADSTONE has grown into a promising Tire manufacturer with one of the world's highest growth rates in the industry and it sells the brand in more than 100 countries worldwide.

ROADSTONE will continue to make every effort to secure the competitiveness of its production, eco friendly products and technology to grow into a leading brand in the industry.